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Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of TaxiPro (brand name for Helsinki drivers) in compliance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (10 and 24 §) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to describe as clearly and understandably, how TaxiPro collects, handles, and stores, customer and personal data.

1. The keeper of the register


Helsinki drivers

Business ID: 2174398-9

Jarno Sakki



2. What data do we collect and how?

We collect data given to us by the user: identification data (name, company, title, business ID) and contact information (address, phone number, email).

We also collect usage data of our services and website, such as browsing data, user location, IP address, operating system, internet browser, and the source of arrival to our website. In principle, this data is not connectable to an individual.

3. For what purposes is the data used?

The data we collect is used to sell and deliver our services and products, and to improve and market our operations. When giving us their information voluntarily, the customer accepts that their data is handled according to this Privacy Policy. 


TaxiPro never sells personal data to third parties. TaxiPro may, however, when necessary, give data to trusted partners, if guaranteeing the service requires it. The given data will be used solely for the aforementioned need.

We handle the data based on legal obligations and the relationship and agreement between the customer and TaxiPro.

4. How is the data stored?

The customer register of TaxiPro is stored in a cloud service with appropriate protection. Only the employees of TaxiPro have access to the customer register, and the data is handled confidentially and only by those employees whose job description includes it.

If data is given to third parties, they are obliged to handle the data confidentially and according to this Privacy Policy.

5. Editing and deleting data in the register

Every person in the customer register has the right to review their data and request rectification or supplementation of that data. A person in the register also has the right to have their data deleted from the register. A person in the register also has other rights according to the GDPR, such as limiting the handling of data in certain situations.

All requests regarding the review, rectification, supplementation, deletion, or limitation of data must be sent in writing to the keeper of the register by email. The keeper of the register may, when deemed necessary, demand the sender to prove their identity. The keeper of the register shall answer the request by the time defined in the GDPR, usually within a month.

6. Cookies

Our website also uses cookies, which help ensure the development and the safe and comfortable use of our website. These cookies can be divided into four categories:

  • Mandatory cookies: These cookies ensure the functionality of the website, including safety. These cookies cannot be turned off.

  • Marketing cookies: These cookies are used to track the efficiency of marketing and offer personalized ads.

  • Functional cookies: These cookies collect information about user choices to ensure a more personalized user experience.

  • Analytical cookies: These cookies help us notice errors and understand how our users act on our website.​​

​7. Privacy Policy updates

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy due to legal changes and the development of services. The changes are in effect immediately after they have been published on our website. We will notify those included in the customer register about major changes as they occur.​

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